A Christian In Atheist Shoes

Ken AshfordGodstuff2 Comments

A Christian student decided to secretly join a group of atheists and agnostics (the student group was called the Secular Student Alliance) as they went on a "field trip" of sorts to the Creation Museum.

Would the atheistic group cause a ruckus?  Behave disrespectfully?  What would it be like to be a Christian and a fly on the wall as a group of atheists peered at exhibits that attempted to prove them wrong?

He was curious.

Upon entry to the museum, the Secular Student Alliance (including the imposter and his wife) were given name tags identifying themselves as members of the SSA.  Some members of the SSA were wearing T-shirts already indicating that they were non-believers.

What happened?  Was there misbehavior?

Well, yes, but as the Christian student wrote, not from the SSA:

There were hateful glances, exaggerated perceptions, waxing surveillance by security, and anxious but strong ‘amens’…

There have rarely been times in my life that I have been ashamed of people that I call “brothers and sisters in Christ.”  This was one of them.  To be judged by people that share my beliefs because of the name tag I wore was appalling.  We forget that Jesus not only commanded that we love our enemies and pray for them, but he also sought out people who were rejected by the religious order, embraced them, spent time with them, and partied with them.  It was not a covert operation to get them to say the sinner’s prayer (which was not invented until the 20th century) and get them to change their ways.  Jesus knew that spending time with them was like good medicine: those who are well do not need a doctor.

He also inquired:

Is this how Christians treat people?  Is this how we follow Jesus’ commandment to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us?  I cannot help but think that many Christians are fearful of atheists.  It is a sort of xenophobia that runs along lines of faith and belief.  What we tend to forget is that atheists, agnostics, and evolutionists are people too.  If our attempt to preserve our belief means that we are treating these people like animals, are we really holding up principles that are based on a creation worldview?

Yes, indeed.

Are you listening, Molly?