We Choose The Moon

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Oddly enough, most Americans living today weren't born when Americans first landed on the moon.  That was 40 years ago this month.

The JFK Presidential Library has a fun and interesting online exhibit to learn about the famous monn landing.

You can follow the mission, as it happened 40 years ago, in real time.  "Live" transmissions between the ground and Apollo 11 can be followed on Twitter.  I'm going to see if I can get a feed here on this site.

As I write this, Apollo 11 is in Stage 3 of the mission, orbiting around Earth.  They are 43 nautical miles above Earth, travelling at 9300 feeet/second.  They will exit Earth's orbit in about an hour.

Don't feel like you have to rush.  The actual moon landing isn't for another 101 hours.

But here was the liftoff:

UPDATE:  NASA has lost the original videotapes of the moon landing?  How could you lose something like that?