Things I Have To Shake Before The Final Two Shows

Ken AshfordBlogging4 Comments

(1)  The fact that hardly anybody is coming to see a play about Little League baseball.  Fortunately, the small audiences have been very reactive, but damn, I wish there were more.

(2)  The performance where I took a scene from Act Two and put it into Act One, thereby making a reference to the other character's dead wife before it was revealed to me that she was dead.

(3)  The performance when I smashed the cell phone with a baseball bat (which is supposed to happen) and it went flying out into the audience coming within inches of a guy in the front row (which isn't supposed to happen).  Amazingly, the guy didn't flinch at all.  I was impressed.  Then we realized after the show that he was blind and had no idea what almost hit him.

(4)  The fact that I cannot say these words and phrases with ease: "an impressionable age", "integral" and a few others.

(5)  The fear of accidentally whacking my co-star with an aluminum bat.

(6)  My uncertaintly about the members of the team and their positions.  ("Look alive out there in right field…uh….. Frankie")