The Stick-To-It-tiveness of Sarah Palin

Ken AshfordElection 20121 Comment

A little reminder:

Sarah Palin did have a job in between being mayor of Wasilla and Alaska Governor: she was chair of Frank Murkowski's Oil and Gas Commission. How long was she on this Commission? Less than a year… until she quit in January 2004 with a big public huff (leaving the Commission in the lurch with only one member), saying "the experience was taking the 'oomph' out of her passion for government service and she decided to quit rather than becoming bitter." She publicly cited her frustration with being unable to be all straight-talky and mavericky about the corruption and backbiting on the Commission, but the resignation also came at a very convenient time for switching over to lay the groundwork for her successful 2006 gubernatorial run.

And let's not forget that she quit four colleges on her way to getting a journalism degree.

One wonders how her marriage has managed to last this long.

More Sarah flashback — Sarah discusses how Hillary Clinton should deal with the mean press by "working harder":


By the way, Palin resumed what's left of her term as Alaska governor, and it appears that all she is doing with that time is twittering.  And apparently twittering what is on her Inspirational Quote Of The Day desk calendar, too.

UPDATE:  Time’s Jay Newton-Small asked Palin about this contradiction in a new interview. Palin replied that she’s totally different than Clinton because the accusations she’s facing are way worse:

What I said was, it doesn’t do her or anybody else any good to whine about the criticism. And that’s why I’m trying to make it clear that the criticism, I invite that. But freedom of speech and that invitation to constructively criticize a public servant is a lot different than the allowance to lie, to continually falsely accuse a public servant when they have proven over and over again that they have not done what the accuser is saying they did. It doesn’t cost them a dime to continue to accuse. That’s a whole different situation. But that’s why when I talk about the political potshots that I take or my family takes, we can handle that. I can handle that. I expect it. But there has to be opportunity provided for truth to get out there, and truth isn’t getting out there when the political game that’s being played right now is going to continue, and it is.

I see.  So accusing Hillary Clinton of killing Vince Foster, and faking tears, etc., that's all fair game First Amendment stuff.-