Sanford Follies

Ken AshfordSex ScandalsLeave a Comment

I did, at one point, express some sympathy for Mark Sanford, opining that his affair was "an affair of the heart".

But that sympathy has faded upon learning that:

  • taxpayers footed the bill for his Argentian rendez-vous (that's French for "fuckin'")
  • the piece of Argentian tail which he now refers to as his "soul mate" was one in a series of extramarital affairs

Again, this isn't so much about his private life.  He shouldn't resign because of the affairs pre se, as far as I am concerned.  But it crossed over into a public issue when he used public funds, when he made "family values" a centerpiece of his campaigns, and when he repeatedly lied to the people of South Carolina — even during his confession — about the affair(s).

I give him a week, tops.