Read The Whole Article, People

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Shame on USA Today for their article entitled:

Billions in aid go to areas that backed Obama in '08

Why, that kind of makes the reader think that Obama is rewarding the parts of the country that voted for him at the expense of those who voted for McCain.

Certainly there's support for that theory.  As the article explains, 872 counties that supported Obama received about $69 per person, on average. The 2,234 that supported McCain received about $34.

So naturally, conservatives are howling.

Never mind exactly how the Obama team managed to employ all the people necessary to pull off a scheme like this.  The facts are the facts, right?

Of course, what conservative critics fail to acknowledge, probably because USA Today stuck it deep into the article, is that those same 872 counties that supported Obama in 2008 also "collected about 50% more government aid than those that supported McCain" in the years 2005 through 2007.  Now how did Team Obama pull that one off, with a Republican White House?

The simple truth is that counties which are populated by the less well-off are historically the counties that require more government aid, regardless of who is in the White House.  And those same counties also tend to vote Democrat.

Nothing to see here.