Palin Reason Not Holding Much Water

Ken AshfordElection 2012Leave a Comment

After a rambling press conference Friday explaining her sudden and unexpected resignation, Palin had to clean up her own mess this weekend by granting additional interviews to, well, everybody to clarify why she's leaving.  As the Anchorage Daily News reported, "Palin Says Ethics Complaints Were Paralyzing".

Ah, that explains it, I guess.

Well, someone who looked into discovered that there were only three complaints pending as of last Friday when Palin resigned, out of 18 that had been brought during her term.

Perhaps there was some "there" there to one of those complaint, hmmmm?

AND…. two of those three complaints were directed at Palin's aides.  So that leaves:

April 27: Contends Palin is misusing the governor's office for personal gain by securing unwarranted benefits and receiving improper gifts through the Alaska Fund Trust. The fund was recently established by supporters to help Palin pay off more than $500,000 in legal debts stemming from other ethics complaints, including troopergate. Complaint filed by Eagle River resident, Kim Chatman.