Not Fooling Anybody

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I figured there must be a website for this (seeing as how there is a website for everything).

That's right — Not Fooling Anybody is a website devoted to businesses which take over the premises of rather obvious businesses.



Monte Vista Liquors takes over a former KFC building (Phoenix, AZ) …. not fooling anybody.

And then there's…


Quest Autos in Tampa Florida taking over an IHOP.


Northeastern Loans in New Castle Delaware takes overs a Taco Bell.

Even less subtle is…


Oldtown Pancake House in Florissant, Missouri didn't even try….

Sometimes when a chain franchise goes out of business, an independent buyer swoops in and buys the place and tries to keep (as close as possible) the same name.  For example, a certain Baskin Robbins went under in Atlanta, and this is what appeared as its successor:


Not. Fooling. Anybody.

And then of course, you have people who are just plain lazy, like this chiropractor in Broken Arrow, OK, who moved his offices into a former Kentucky Fried Chicken: