Gop Strategist On Palin

Ken AshfordElection 2012Leave a Comment

He doesn't mince words… and he's right on the money:

Republican strategist (and NBC analyst) Mike Murphy again takes on Sarah Palin. He calls her "the political train wreck that keeps on giving." He said she "brought nothing to the [McCain] ticket except a surefire knack for exciting voters who were already reliably Republican." More: "We are now told the party base — those voters who will vote for a bag of cement if it has an R or D attached to it — must be carefully appealed to, romanced and appeased. Under that funhouse reasoning, Palin was an inspired pick." And: "She lacks any real accomplishment – no military or private-sector career of note, no academic achievement beyond a frenetic bounce between five colleges, including a sun 'n' surf-oriented outfit in Hawaii. She has served only two years as governor of a small and uniquely easy-to-govern state (other governors pine for Alaska's small population and billions of dollars in easy revenue from oil production), a job she has now abandoned." To her presidential chances? "[S]he may have enough support to attempt a run for President. She'll lose, of course, almost certainly the Republican primaries and certainly the general election."