Better Conservative Criticism Please

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Yes, the Obama Administration spendt billions of dollars in economic stimulus spending, and yes, it is important that that money be spent wisely.  If conservative critics want to identify wasteful ways in which that stimulus money is spent, then all the power to them.  In fact, the Obama Administration has made this very easy — by making sure that lists the projects on which government spending is allocated.

But conservatives need to be, you know, accurate in their criticism, or else it is just wasteful oversight.

Yesterday, spurred by a Drudge report headline, conservative bloggers and pundits (like Glenn Beck) were all up in arms about the federal government spending $1.19 million of taxpayer funds to buy just two pounds of ham.

Great story.  Sadly, not accurate at all.

In truth, that particular program spent $1.19 million on buying 760,000 pounds of ham — that's 380 tons — to be distributed to local organizations that assist low-income Americans through food banks, food pantries, and soup kitchens.  The ham merely came in two-pound units.

Some conservatives then backtracked, arguing that the ham purchases were still overpriced (compared to what you could buy at Food Lion), but of course, purchasing the ham was only part of what the stimulus money was for.  There was also expense required in distributing it.

Then, as a further display of their incompentence, conservatives such as Glenn Beck complained that $1.4 million was spent "to repair a door" at Byess Air Force Base, Building 5112.

Uh, no.  The truth, Glenn?  $1.4 million in recovery money was provided to Byess Air Force Base, but $1.2 million of that was to repair four gas lines — only $250,000 was to the repair the door….. and it was an aircraft hanger door.  Excuse me, hanger doors, plural.

The bottom line is: if you have to make up things to criticize Obama's policies, you're probably not on solid ground and should keep your mouth shut.