Basic Skills

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The Best Article Every Day recently a list of the 14 Basic Skills All Men Should Possess.

How do you rank?

I've evaluated myself….

14 Basic Skills All Men Should Know:

  1. Drive a stick-shift – It's been a while, but I think I can
  2. Hook up an entertainment center - You bet 
  3. Fix a toilet – Depends on what's wrong with it
  4. Navigate a map and use GPS - Oh, yeah 
  5. Change the oil - I can in a pinch.
  6. Balance a checkbook - Yes
  7. Cook the perfect steak - "Perfect"?  I don't know.  Maybe.
  8. Swim the breaststroke - Very good breaststroker 
  9. Write effectively – Effectively?  Yes.
  10. Dress for the occasion – Oh, I possess this skill; Don't always choose to do it though.
  11. Sew a button – Sure
  12. Do laundry properly – Yes, I think so.
  13. Handle roadside emergencies - Yup
  14. Build a fire - Of course. 

J-Walk Blog decided to do a list of 14 Basic Skills All Women Should Know.  I micht as well evaluate myself on that, too.

  1. Know which devices are controlled by each remote control – Yes
  2. Start a gas-powered lawnmower – Yes
  3. Crochet a hat – Not at all
  4. Create a frequency distribution in Excel by using a pivot table – No, but I'm, sure I could figure it out quick
  5. Prepare huevos rancheros – No
  6. Speak a few sentences in French – Oui
  7. Reinstall Windows without losing everything – No
  8. Give a good backrub – Sure
  9. Use all the features on their digital camera – Yes
  10. Parallel park – Yes
  11. Create a custom ringtone and upload it to your their phone – Yes
  12. Hang pictures on the wall – Yes
  13. Use Google efficiently – Yes
  14. Cut hair – No