The Obama Syndicate

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I'm increasingly becoming a fan of Sher Zieve of Renew America and her over-the-top columns.  This week's gem is:

Obama and his syndicate operating outside of US law

by Sher Zieve

I was wondering why the scarcity of capital letters in her op-ed title, and then I realized she used them all up in her opening sentence:

ObamaLaw (and increasingly the following of ONLY ObamaLaw) is now the official decree of DIC (Dictator in Chief) Obama in and for Obama-Land — formerly known as the United States of America.

Wow, that's a grabber.

Think that statement is an exaggeration?

ObamaLaw is now the official decree of the dictator Obama?  Why, yes, Sher.  That does strike me as a bit of an exaggeration.



Well — let's take a look, shall we?


The Obama Thugocracy has commandeered the largest banks in the USA for its personal use. Although the Obama Syndicate's monetary resources are not yet — completely — unlimited, they soon will be.

Obama Thugocracy?  Or Obama Syndicate?  Which is it?

By the way, where has this money gone? The definition of Obama Transparency is to hide from any and all for as long as possible.

And now it's "Obama Transparency"?  You know, it's kind of like McDonalds, where they stick the prefix "Mc" in front of every noun.

And bear in mind, he is using OUR money to both extort the banks and rule more powerfully over We-the-People. Behind closed doors, the banks were told by President George W. Bush's former US Treasury Secretary and Obama supporter Henry Paulson that they must agree to take government bailout money "or else."

"Extort the banks"?  I'm not a lawyer but — oh, wait — yes, I am…. and I'm pretty sure that you don't commit extortion by forcing people to take money.  That said, one wonders what the Obama Consequences are for those many many banks which didn't take government bailout money.  Probably Obama Torture.

This has come to be known as "an offer they couldn't refuse."

That phrase comes, of course, from The Godfather, when Don Corleone went around bailing out industries.

This "offer" was followed by DIC Obama's comment to the bank CEOs: "My administration is the only thing between you and the pitchforks!" Note: This is a Jesse Jackson-type shakedown that has been taken to previously untried monumental levels. See Ken Timmerman's book "Shakedown" for complete information.

Actually, Obama's comment regarding pitchforks was in reference to the anger that the general public feels for bailed-out banks giving excessive bonuses to managers who created the financial mess in the first place.

And I'm not sure what the Jesse Jackson reference is about, but I'm pretty sure it can be ignnored.

Threatening private enterprise — if it does not submit and allow ObamaTheft — with the weight of the US Government is not only unconstitutional it veritably screams and shouts that the US government has now become a massive criminal enterprise — increasingly run by Obama and his accountable-to-no-one-but-Obama Czars.

It's not unconstitutional in the Obama Constitution.

Using similar gangster-tactics that worked with the cowering bank CEOs, Obama has taken over two of the US' car companies. One of them, Government Motors (formerly known as General Motors), was seized by the Obama Syndicate and its spoils split between it and the United Auto Workers union leadership.

I'm picking up a theme…


Again, the Obama dictatorship used We-the-People's money to finance its deal that places OUR money and power into the pockets of the Obama political elite — and only those political elite.

Aaahh!  So it's a profit deal!

Unconstitutional? Of course. Criminal? Of course. So — is anyone trying to stop Obama's unconstitutional and criminal seizure of US power? Of course — NOT.

Oh, she fooled me.  I thought the third one was going to be another "of course" and then she threw that "NOT" in.

It appears the former "loyal opposition" is also cowering in fear of and from the US dictator.

Not Sher though.  She tells it like it is…. without exaggeration.

Additional information on Obama's confiscation of 2/3 of the US Auto Industry is that his new "Car Czar" Steven Rattner — who has thus far avoided any and all interviews from the press and any and all questions from Congress — is a 31 year old lawyer whose only experience with cars is that of having driven them or having been driven while in them. Obama — in his unswerving despotic "wisdom" — has also appointed another 'I know nothing about the auto industry' guys — former AT&T Chief Edward E. Whitacre, Jr. as Chairman of GM.

Sher, honey.  It's not about cars.  It's about business.  It's about corporate structuring.  Oh, and by the way, you think GM's management has done a bang-up job?

In other words, GM is neither expected nor planned to be successful. Instead — like both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac — the new Government Motors appears to be no more than a new giant slush fund for Democrats.


A smiling Obama has already admitted that the US is out of money. It's amazing that by Obama having placed his mind and adherents to the task he was able to successfully bankrupt the country in no time at all! Sadly, I predicted this almost a year ago.

Isn't that amazing?  What Sher believed would come true has actually come true!  I can't find any reasonable explanation for this, other than the fact that she is the smartest person in the world.

However, Obama also states that he has no intention of slowing his spending. Instead, he will simply authorize the printing of more increasingly worthless US money. Then, he will tax…tax…tax the American people to death as he works toward his next arena for destruction — the US Energy industry; which will increase yearly/family energy costs by at least $4,000.

You mean the Obama Energy Industry.  Please get your names right.

All the while, Obama remains smiling at the stupid masses who allowed the "election" of a non-citizen usurper to the presidency of the United States.

Hey.  You're insulting your audience, Sher.

And, in order to further ensure the subservience of the former American people (soon to be called Obamaites) the US Dictator in Chief plans to control the US Health System. In this way, Obama, his "Health Czar" and his soon-to-be-established Department of Health Police will be able to dictate who receives medical care and who does not (therefore ultimately who lives and who dies), what We-the-People can eat and not eat, what actions we can engage in and those in which we are not allowed to engage etc. etc. etc. After seizing heathcare from the private sector and placing it firmly in Obama's governmental hands his power over us will be unlimited. And with no one having the testosterone or internal fortitude to stand up to him, Obama's position of US Dictator for Life is only a moment or two away.

I'm sure we'll someday read an article where Sher exclaims that her prediction regarding health care has come true.

Once the US was a government of laws — not men. Now, however, it has degraded into a government of one man; a man who does not even appear to be a natural-born US citizen as required by the US Constitution.

Plus, he's black.

But, until and unless anyone decides to fight for its preservation, the US Constitution is now null and void. Then, to add more insult to more injury, the Obama Administration is now requiring that "high value terrorist detainees" INSIDE OF AFGHANISTAN be given US Miranda Rights. Folks, sanity has not only left the building it has left the country. The totalitarian insane are now firmly and unequivocally in charge and running the country — into the abyss.

Not that she's exaggerating or anything.