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The Corner's Victor Davis Hanson:

A disinterested observer would conclude that Justice Sotomayor is race-obsessed. In her now much quoted 2001 UC Berkeley speech she invoked “Latina/Latino” no less than 38 times, in addition to a variety of other racial-identifying synonyms. When one reads the speech over, the obsession with race become almost overwhelming, and I think the public has legitimate worries (more than the Obama threshold of 5% of cases) over whether a judge so cognizant of race could be race-blind in her decision making.

Race-obsessed?  Yes, well.  Perhaps her invoking "Latina" was justified, seeing as how she was speaking at a UC Berkeley School of Law symposium entitled "Raising the Bar: Latino and Latina Presence in the Judiciary and the Struggle for Representation".

Shockers!  One wonder what Justice Alito spoke about here.

Seriously, Hanson's observations are kind of like pointing out that Obama must be a Muslim because he made all kinds of Muslim references in a speech to the Muslim world.  But nobody is stupid enough to make that argument…. oh, wait.