Palin Doesn’t Even Understand Conservative Politics

Ken AshfordElection 20121 Comment

How dumb do you have to be when you don't even follow your own side's political philosophy?

Here's Sarah Palin on Fox News:

Hannity: …The price of oil is going up again.  It’s not quite at $140 a barrel, but it’s on its way up to $70 and $80…

Palin:  Yeah, well and I thank God it’s not at $140.  You know people say, “Hey, Alaska!  85% of your state budget is based on the price of a barrel of oil.  Aren’t you glad the price is going up?”    I say, “No!”  The fewer dollars that the state of Alaska government has, the fewer dollars we spend.  And that’s good for our families and for the private sector. 

Sarah, let me explain your party's position.  Republicans don't like government spending because it means either (a) the country runs a deficit and/or (b) the government will have to raise taxes on the people in order to pay for that spending.  Running a deficit and raising taxes, according to conservative philosophy, is bad for families and the private sector.

In other words, even Republicans don't believe that government revenue itself is bad; their issue is with the source of revenue, which is almost always taxation.

But when oil prices go up, that money goes to the Alaskan people, who spend that money, which is good for the private sector.  See how that works?  So as governor of Alaska, you should be loving high oil prices.

I'm sure Sarah's position that high oil prices are bad for Alaskans comes to news as Alaskans.  Hard to believe they elected her as governor.

Besides, if Sarah thinks that Alaskans getting a lot of money from high oil prices is a bad thing, she should simply cut back on Alaska's oil production so they won't be cursed with high oil revenues, or withhold a portion of the revenues that each Alaska citizen receives, or (best of all) share those terrible revenues with the rest of the country.