Odd Story Out Of South Carolina

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Probably nothing, but still…

The whereabouts of Gov. Mark Sanford have been unknown to state officials since Thursday, and some state leaders are questioning who is in charge of the executive office.

Neither the governor's office nor the State Law Enforcement Division, which provides security for governors, has been able to reach Sanford after he left the mansion in a black SLED Suburban SUV, said Sen. Jake Knotts and three others familiar with the situation but who declined to be identified.

Sanford's last known whereabouts were near Atlanta, where a mobile telephone tower picked up a signal from his phone, authorities said.

First lady Jenny Sanford told The Associated Press today her husband has been gone for several days and she doesn't know where he is.

His wife doesn't know where he is? Neither do the state officials responsible for his security? And weirdly, both the governor's personal and professional phones have been turned off, and messages have gone unreturned since Thursday.

The governor's wife said the governor needed some time away "to write something." Sanford's office issued a statement today saying that Sanford decided to "recharge" after the legislative session, and has decided to "work on a couple of projects that have fallen by the wayside."

South Carolina's lieutenant governor said he also didn't know where Sanford is, but added that he has not been given any temporary power.

Wonder what's up…. peculiar behavior for a 2012 presidential candidate.

I smell Republican sex scandal.

NEXT DAY: Mystery solved.  He's on the Appalachian Trail.  Although, it's still a little odd

(1)  Staff and wife didn't know where he was

(2) Wife said governor needed time away "to write something".  Really?  On the Appalachian Trail?

(3)  Saying that you're at "the Appalachian trail" is odd.  The dame thing runs from Maine to Georgia.  Most people go to a part of the Appalachian Trail, like "Mt Washington", or Great Smoky National Park.

(4)  When this issue was raised, SC spokesmen said that his cell phone suggested that he was in the vicinity of Georgia.  That suggests that somebody had already inquired about the governor and had conducted some sort of cell phone trace.