NC GOP Leader Says Same-Sex Parents Are More Dangerous Than Second Hand Smoke

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Nice, huh?  But that's what House Minority Leader Paul "Skip" Stam (R-Wake) said.

What's more, he said that in open public debate, in front of an audience which included the children of a lesbian congresswoman.

Even more surprising, his comments were made in the course of debating the School Violence Prevention Act (Senate Bill 526).  Now, the impetus behind that bill comes primarily from the homosexual community, since it is gay kids that tend to get beaten up and bullied in school nowadays.  But the "bully ban" doesn't apply just to gay-bashers — it applies to any student or school employee who "bullies" or harasses another student on the basis of that student's race, national origin, sexual preference, gender, etc.

Hard to fathom why anyone would be opposed to it.

But that's the NC GOP for you…