Kudos To Brittani McCalister

Ken AshfordEducation1 Comment

She's a Terre Haute student and she is graduating from high school this year, which is nice enough, but in addition….

Brittani McCalister has never missed a day of school in 13 years, kindergarten through grade 12.

In fact, she has not missed one minute of school in all those years. The 2009 West Vigo High School graduate has never been tardy for school or even missed a class for an appointment.

“She has come to school feeling under the weather. She has driven through snowstorms and rainstorms. Every day, she has made it to school and stayed the entire day,” Principal Tom Balitewicz said during commencement Sunday. “For those of you counting, that is 2,340 days of school without a miss.”

It started out as a bet with her brother, but he only made it part-way through elementary school when he was felled by a cold one day.  Brittani decided to keep going (even when she had colds).  Full story here.