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I can't believe the "Dave Letterman joke" controversy is still a controversy.

I don't know what Palin supporters hope to gain by this.  Look, folks, if you believe Saran Palin is made of presidential material, that's fine, but I suggest to you that if a joke gets her panties in this much of a twist, then she doesn't have what it takes to face down real ememies and threats.

Anyway, enjoy these nuts:

UPDATED — James Joyner comments:

A week ago, I wrote a post titled Letterman Palin Jokes Cross the Line, both excoriating Letterman for his remarks but defending him from the ridiculous charge that he was some sort of pervert who liked to joke about 14-year-olds.  Since then, Letterman first explained his remarks and subsequently apologized for them profusely. And rightly so.

But I have a hard time believing Palin was legitimately confused days later about the target of the joke and, in light of the previous jokes told about Bristol’s out-of-wedlock pregnancy, particularly outraged at this one.   Instead, she took advantage of the initial media brouhaha over the Willow/Bristol confusion and made a big spectacle, hoping to both remove the Bristol mess out of the realm of legitimate ridicule and reframe herself as an aggrieved party rather than a rather cartoonish figure.

We’ll see how she does.   My guess is that the Letterman experience will in fact remove the Bristol jokes from the late-night comedy circuit, which is just as well.  As for Sarah Palin’s own rebranding, she’s going to have to do that on the public policy front, not by garnering sympathy as an aggrieved mother.

Right.  The joke was offensive, but it's pretty standard late-night fare.  In fact, worse jokes have been made at Palin's expense. 

Politics is hardball, Sarah.  If you can't play it, go home.