iPhone 3.0

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I'm half-following a live blog of the new iPhone 3.0 announcement.

A lot of cool features — the ability to find your "lost" iPhone by texting to it and getting a sound (even if sound is turned off, better GPS (turn-by-turn instructions), a Kindle-like reader, better integations with iTunes, cut/paste/undo (finally) and so on.

The 3.0 operating system upgrade will be free to current iPhone users.  $9.99 for iTouch.  Available June 17.

Of course, those are just apps/software.  The big question remains to be answered.  Wither AT&T?

Ah, here we go:

12:01 pm The iPhone 3GS will be available on June 19th.
12:01 pm The iPhone 3G 8GB will be available for $99 today.
12:00 pm Apple wants the iPhone to be more affordable. The existing 8GB iPhone 3G will remain — for $99.
12:00 pm Those are AT&T prices for new and qualifying customers; may vary elsewhere. Comes in black and white, as before.
11:59 am $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB.
11:59 am Ships with iPhone OS 3.0 for $199.
11:58 am Most eco-friendly iPhone yet — arsenic-free glass, BRF-free, mercury-free LCD, etc.
11:58 am

Improved battery life. Now up to 9 hours of internet surfing, 10 hours of video, 30 hours of audio, 12 hours of 2g talk-time, 5 hours of 3g talk-time.