Ewwww, Not The Actual Emails

Ken AshfordSex Scandals1 Comment

How did they get out so fast?

Oh, and those trips to Argentina?  Could be that the taxpayers paid for them.  Mr. Fiscal Conservative, Mr. I-Don't-Want-Stimulus-Money spent taxpayer dollars to meet his paramour in Argentina.

Impeachment to come next.  Or resignation.

ON SECOND READING:  Actually, I kind of like the emails.  I mean, under better circumstances (e.g., neither one is married) they're rather sweet and classy.  A little risque, but not perverted.  It's just a shame to see them splashed in a newspaper.

RELATED:  A blogger at the conservative Redstate has a hissy fit.  Now, before you click through to read it, take my advice: imagine it in the voice of Corky (from Waiting for Guffman) when he throws his tantrum ("because you're all bastard people!"), as the World O' Crap people have done.  It's very entertaining that way.