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Ross Douthat in NY Times ("Justices Gone Wild"):

The right tends to blame the left for the Supreme Court’s expanded ambit, and not unjustly. The modern Court’s most enduringly controversial power grabs — with Roe v. Wade leading the way — were usually the work of liberal justices, and even the more modest liberal theories of jurisprudence tend to depict the Justices as soldiers in the progressive cause, constrained primarily by what the political climate allows them to get away with.

Can someone explain to me how Roe v Wade, which limited state government's control over what a liberated woman could do with her body, constitutes a "power grab" by liberals?  That case may be a lot of things, but it certainly didn't expand liberals' hold on power.

And while we're at it, can someone explain to me how someone can write about "power grabs" by the Supreme Court without mentioning the power-grabbiest Supreme Court case of all time: Bush v. Gore?