Verizon iPhone in 2009? Don’t Count On It

Ken AshfordScience & Technology1 Comment

iPhone is hot, and almost since it began, it has been the subject of endless, and often unfounded, rumors.  Last September, it was widely rumored that Apple would approach Verizon to sell its flagship cellphone.  And even though the original rumor was based on scanty evidence, it persists today.

The reason?  It's quite simple.  Apple signed an exclusivity deal with AT&T, and although nobody knows the terms of that deal, it is highly unlikely that AT&T would agree to having exclusivity end as soon as this year.

That's not to say it can't happen in 2010.  By then, the Apple will have released its iPhone 4G.  And Verizon will have upgraded its network to (not-so-coincidentally?) be able to handle 4G data transfer capacity.

So it'll happen — you'll just have to wait.