Teen Txt Translator

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LG (maker of Voyager and other cell phones) has provided a web service called DTXTR (de-text-er) which translates teen txt shorthand to English, and vice versa.

That's because (according to LG), teens text an average of 1700 times per month (wow!); texting is more common than actual phone calls.  (And 42% of teens report that they can txt with their eyes closed!)

As a result, a whole new shorthand lingo has developed.  And we old farts (parents) need to keep up apparently.


Look for example, at LG's glossary of txt terms — this is for acronyms beginning with Y only.

Y Why?
YA Yet Another
YABA Yet Another Bloody Acronym
YACC Yet Another Calendar Company
YAFIYGI You Asked For It You Got It
YAOTM Yet Another Off Topic Message
YAUN Yet Another Unix Nerd
YBS You'll Be Sorry
YBY Yeah Baby Yeah
YCT Your Comment To
YDKM You Don't Know Me
YEPPIES Young Experimenting Perfection Seekers
YGBK You Gotta Be Kidding
YGLT You're Gonna Love This
YGTBK You've Got To Be Kidding
YGWYPF You Get What You Pay For
YHM You Have Mail
YIC Yours In Christ
YIU Yes, I Understand
YIWGP Yes, I Will Go Private
YKW You Know What
YKWIM You Know What I Mean
YM Your Mother
YMAK You May Already Know
YMMV Your Mileage May Vary
YNK You Never Know
YOYO You're On Your Own
YR Yeah Right
YRYOCC You're Running on Your Own Cookoo Clock
YS You Stinker
YSAN You're Such A Nerd
YSIC Why Should I Care?
YSK You Should Know
YSYD Yeah, Sure You Do
YTB You're The Best
YTRNW Yeah That's Right, Now What?
YTTT You Telling The Truth
YUPPIES Young Urban Professionals
YW You're Welcome
YWIA You're Welcome In Advance
YY4U Too Wise For You
YYSSW Yeah Yeah Sure Sure Whatever

As for me, I'll pass, thank you.