Scare Videos

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The party of spreading fear is at it again.  In fact, they've pulled out the stops with this new video:

Senate Republicans get bonus points for using Carl Orff's 'O Fortuna' (one of my faves), but beyond that, how stupid is this argument?

Did they forget that the one thing America does pretty darn well is imprison people?

Or do they somehow think that by closing Gitmo (holding only 250 prisoners), we're simply going to drop off a handful of evil al Qaeda "enemy combatents" in the middle of Kansas?  Do they think that al Qaeda members have superpowers that will enable them to walk through prison walls?

Note to Republicans: For decades, America has imprisoned dangerous people quite successfully within our borders.  Get a grip.

Hilzoy's spoof:


As World War II progressed the total number of prisoners of war interned in the United States greatly increased and ultimately reached 425,806 by the end of June, 1945. Of this total, 371,505 were Germans, 50,052 Italians, and 4,249 Japanese.

425,806.  And the Republicans are freaking about a mere 250 being transferred from Gitmo to here.  Maybe that's why they're no longer in charge — they wet their pants too much.