Miss Prejean’s Contract

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The contract:

Carrie Prejean Miss California Contract

Miss California pageant co-director Shanna Moakler who just resigned had objected to Prejean signing on to the National Organization for Marriage’s lobbying team and to Prejean’s failure to own up to topless photos, both of which violate the Miss California contact, says one news source.

I don’t claim to have gone over the contract with a fine tooth comb, but I see nothing which requires her to “own up” to topless photos taken before she signed the contract.  [UPDATE:  Found it.  Her checking “TRUE” in Paragraph 9(a) on page 8 seems to clearly be a lie….]

But, even then, there is an allegation that at least the latest set of photos were taken after she signed the contact, which is a violation. 

In any event, the photos are just one issue:

California pageant officials said Prejean, 21, asked for permission to elaborate on her answer and they agreed. But then, they said, she began speaking without their permission in front of crowds opposed to gay marriage, including her San Diego church and the National Organization for Marriage.

Keith Lewis, the state pageant’s co-executive director, said Prejean also began missing Miss California events she was contractually obligated to attend.

If it is in fact true that she missed Miss California events, that also is a contractual violation.

We all know that Trump gave her a pass, but it seems to me that doing so really makes the contract agreement she signed a bit of a sham.  I don’t blame Shanna Moakler for quitting.