Miss California Either Lies Or Can’t Count

Ken AshfordSex/Morality/Family Values1 Comment


"We have been told by Carrie Prejean there are no other photos other than the one circulating in existence. She should know better than anyone," Miss California USA Director Keith Lewis said.


A second lingerie-modeling photo of Miss California USA Carrie Prejean has appeared after she assured pageant officials this week that the earlier shot was the only one she had appeared in.

The site that released these two photos claims to have even more of them (I had read six in total, earlier this week), and is intending to "slow roll" them out.

Since Miss California is an authority about the Bible vis-a-vis gay marriage, I wonder if she'll comment on what the Bible says regarding lying.  Or posing semi-nude.  Or lying about posing semi-nude.  Or signing a contract saying (falsely) that you've never posed semi-nude, and then when a semi-nude photo of you appears, lying again by saying that's the only one out there.