Best Self-Defeating Opening Paragraph By A Columnist Evah

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Roberts Carey "Get Off My Lawn" Roberts is always a howl to read over at Renew America.  A good 75% of his columns are meandering screeds against women, although of course, he refers to them generically as feminists

He is one of the few brave conservative columnists to take a stand against those seeking to end domestic violence.  It's hard to tell why this particular bee is in his bonnet, but it is.  Something untoward from his past I suspect.

Anyway, in his latest screed in which he calls out domestic violence as being a hyped -up issue, Roberts begins with this unintentionally hilarious and devoid-of-irony paragraph:

Imagine a world where ideology takes the place of truth and laws are rooted in dubious factoids from nowhere. That pretty much sums up the fact-challenged, hysteria-mongering domestic violence industry that is propped up by $1 billion of federal money each year.

That's right – there's a domestic violence industry out there creating false myths about domestic violence because doing so is profitable!  And they are the ones who are fact-challenged.

I'll leave it to you to read the entire article (it's typical Roberts anti-feminism), but I also wanted to point out his closing paragraphs:

Curious to know what are the leading causes of injury to women? Here they are: unintentional falls, car accidents, and overexertion. Domestic violence did not even make the list:

So relax ladies, everything you've heard about the "epidemic" of domestic violence is mostly hype calculated to stampede you into divorcing your husband and voting for yet another taxpayer-funded, ideologically-charged abuse reduction program.

That's an interesting link you got there, Mr. Roberts.

If you follow it, it takes you to the U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services website, to the section on Women's Health.

Specifically, it takes you to the subsection on women's injuries.  And there you see this graph (click to embiggen):


Why, Carey is right!  The injury section doesn't even mention domestic violence.

Oh, wait.  What's that on the left hand column?


Ah.  Looks like Carey overlooked something.  Like the basic fact that domestic violence isn't an accidental "injury" at all, but an act of violence.  It's kind of like making the point that cheetahs aren't fast by linking to the Guinness Book of World Records site for the fastest land speed records for cars.  (See, cheetahs aren't even mentioned!)

The fact is that while more women suffer from injuries (falls, car accidents, etc.) the rate of domestic violence is alarmingly high.  In fact, for women between the ages of 20-34, the domestic violence rate is about 9.7 per thousand women, higher than the number of women who injure themselves with a cut.

So Carey — who is fact-challenged?