What The Brits Are Getting All Viral About This Week

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47 year old Susan Boyle walked onto the stage of the TV talent show "Britain's Got Talent".  An unemployed frumpy middle-aged church volunteer from Scotland who admitted that she had "never been kissed", Ms. Boyle told Simon Cowell and the other judges that her dream was to be a singer.  The audience quietly snickered at the train wreck they expected to see.

Watch what happened.  It's uplilfting.

To be fair, it's not just the Brits who are wowed by her.  Since her appearance on British television only a mere 3 days ago, the video of her appearance has generated over three four million hits on Youtube, and her instant and unexpected fame has crossed the pond, and she's a media sensation.

NOTE: "Britain's Got Talent" is a talent show which puts talent over image, something American Idol doesn't.  Any of you heard/remember of Paul Potts, who won Season One?