The Nuttiest Of Wingnut Theories: Obama The Satan Worshipper

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Do you know why Obama chose "Yes we can" as a campaign slogan?

Fortunately, rightwing bizarreheads have ferreted out the truth.

You see, when "yes we can" is said backward, it sounds like "Nac ew say".

And when you say that repeatedly — Nac ew say, nac ew say, nac ew say — it's sounds kind of like: "Nacoo sayin, Nacoo sayin", which — if you have a speech or hearing impediment — is really "Thank you Satan.  Thank you Satan".

Yup, the latest wingnut theory is that Obama is a devilworshipper.   Here's their proof:

Well, I'm convinced.

(Rachel Maddow did a thing on this recently).