Tea Parties Explained

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I, like many others, have been confused as to what these tea party protests are actually about.

Fortunately, a right wing blog weighs in:

Much of the left,  Steve Benen serving as a perfect example, are missing an essential point about the tea parties planned around the country. They aren’t about the level of taxation now. Instead, those attending them understand that with the massive spending undertaken by the federal government and the massive amounts of currency pumped into the system by the Federal Reserve, taxes aren’t going to remain anywhere near where they are now, no matter what politicians promise.

Got it.  So the tea party protests are about the raising of taxes (by who, we don't know) at some unknown future time (two years? ten years?  twenty years?).  And whose taxes will be increased?  We don't know that either.

Sounds a bit premature, or wonderfully clairvoyent to me.

Actually, it sounds like a crock.

Well, time for this blog to do some investigative reporting.  There's a tea party event a few blocks from me tomorrow.  I'll try to check it out.  Maybe there will be people there chanting:

"What do we not want?"

"Well, it's not necessarily 'we', but 'we' don't want an increase in taxes!!!"

"When do we not want it?"

"At some unspecified theoretical time in the future!!!!"