“Stop It Right Now Or I’ll Pull This Car Over And Let You Out”

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Ah, the classic parental threat to the bickering kids in the back seat of the car.

One parent actually went through with the threat.  Result?  FAIL:

Madlyn Primoff, a 45-year-old Park Avenue lawyer, has been accused of doing just that Sunday evening in downtown White Plains, N.Y. Police say she ordered her two quarreling daughters from the car and drove away. One is 12, the other 10.

The 12-year-old ran after the car and was let in when she caught up. She and mom went home to Scarsdale, about 3 miles away.

The 10-year-old was left behind, crying. A passerby saw the girl, bought her ice cream and called the local police, who took her to the station.

The girl gave police her mother's name and their address, a $2 million house in well-to-do Scarsdale.

Soon after, Primoff called White Plains police to report her daughter missing. Police told her to come get her. Primoff was arrested when she showed up.

She pleaded not guilty yesterday to endangering the welfare of a child. A temporary order of protection was issued, barring her from contact with the girls.

Lesson to be learned for all you parents out there.