RIP “Guiding Light”

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I'm not a fan of soap operas, but you have to admit that 72 years is not bad for the genre.  It began as a 15-minute serial on NBC Radio in January 1937 and debuted on CBS television in 1952.

Here's some random synopses of the TV episodes from

Monday June 30, 1952 (Episode #1)

Meta laments to her sister Trudy that she has left her husband Joe and her step-daughter Kathy hates her. Trudy convinces Meta to call Joe up on the phone.

September ___, 1963 (Episode #?)

Bert, Meta, and Papa Bauer anxiously await news from Bruce about Julie's condition.

Friday January 25, 1980 (Episode #8319)

The Cedars Carnival Benefit for the new pediatric wing is underway. Bert and a very pregnant Rita are in charge of a booth. Holly, Ed, and Christina go around the attractions as a scary looking clown (Roger in disguise) follows their every move. In the haunted house, Christina gets seperated from Holly and Ed and Roger almost gets hold of her. Dr. Dubois is questioned for information on Roger's wrongdoings, while Diane Ballard puts supplies in Roger's car, and is almost caught. Alan takes Phillip to the bazaar and spots Roger. Elizabeth meets with Jackie, wondering what could be wrong with Mike. Roger tries again to abduct Christina, but is unsuccessful. He curses, and Rita recognizes his voice!

Monday May 18, 1992 (Episode #11400)

Hamp goes for David's throat, but is relieved when Gilly shouts that David is her brother. During a quiet dinner at a restaurant, David asks Gilly if she has told Hamp his secret. Ross has Jack Kiley on the stand, but Jack is too rehearsed in his testimony to do any damage to his case. The two sides present their summations as Bill asks Fletcher of the name of Jack's previous rape victim. Nadine ushers a reluctant Bill out of the courtroom to evade the tabloid Reporter Bud. Nadine is touched when Bill says that she was his class' "Best Step Mom." Nadine gives Bud the broach-camera, but only after she takes out the film. Alex tells Roger that she wishes to see Eve, but he refuses until the time is right. Mindy and Eve meet at the beach, not knowing each other and both talk vaguely about Nick. Alex gets a glimpse of Eve and smiles.

Wednesday July 7, 1999 (Episode #13193)

Vanessa offers Bill a job but he reveals that he already works for Carmen Santos. Selena and Buzz go to the track and she wins some money.

Tuesday, September 30, 2003 (Episode #14256)

Olivia is frightened by the notion of Lizzie giving her a gift and she tries to send the teenager away. Christopher arrives and sends Olivia inside so he can deal with Lizzie. The gift box comes open and the gift is just a baby dress. Olivia later finds the head of a baby doll in her child's crib. Gus tries again to make peace with Eden, but they argue anew when he sees that Brad Green was one of her clients. Bill steps in to try and make peace between the pair. Edmund sees Jeffrey with the mysterious Japanese woman and assumes they are lovers. Edmund warns Jeffrey that he's on to his deceipt, but Jeffrey is unaffected by Edmund's words.

Monday February 16, 2009 (Episode #15611)

Coop takes a turn for the worse. Olivia confesses her feelings for Natalia to Bill.

Today (Episode #15641)

Olivia throws Natalia and Frank an engagement party. Edmund rushes Reva to the hospital.


Just looking at those last two episodes, I guess it must have been weird for Olivia to throw an engagement party for Natalia and Frank, seeing as how Olivia has feelings for Natalia.


Not that it's related, but here's some uncut video of "As The World Turns", broadcast on November 22, 1963.  It's rather dull, except for what happens 10:28 into the video….