Rightwing Extremists Are Dangerous? Naaaaah…..

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For a couple of weeks now, right-wingers have been all upset about a report issued by the Homeland Security Office which makes the argument that right-wing extremists are potentially dangerous, and we should watch them.  Example of this include Timothy McVeigh and Eric Rudolph, who committed acts of terrorism in Oklahoma City and at the Olympics in Atlanta, respectively.

Somehow, right-wingers interpreted this warning about right-wing extremists to be about, you know, them, as if they don't undertand what the word "extremist" means. 

So bloggers took to their keyboards and ranted. 

And not just bloggers.

Here's a tweet from someone SO angry at the insinuation that the Homeland Security thinks that right-wing extremists are a threat that he…. well, you can read what he tweeted just before going to a teabag protest on April 15:


That was April 15.  A few days earlier, he had tweeted:


Yeah.  Way to prove the DHS's point, wingnut.

Fortunately, there's a happy ending:

An Oklahoma City man who allegedly threatened on Twitter to turn a tax protest into a massacre has been arrested on suspicion of making interstate threats in what is believed to be the first federal prosecution based on posts made to the micro-blogging site.

The FBI arrested Daniel Knight Hayden, 52, after agents identified him as Twitter user CitizenQuasar. Using the micro-blogging site, Hayden allegedly threatened to start a "war" against the government at the Oklahoma City Capitol where a "Tea Party" tax protest was planned.

"START THE KILLING NOW! I am willing to be the FIRST DEATH!," read a message posted at 8:01 p.m. on April 11, which was followed by, "After I am killed on the Capitol Steps, like a REAL man, the rest of you will REMEMBER ME!!!" Another post said: "I really don' give a (expletive) anymore. Send the cops around. I will cut their heads off the heads and throw the(m) on the State Capitol steps."

No word yet from Michelle Malkin.

I'm sorry that there is a fringe element to both the right AND the left, but one cannot deny it.  The problem is that the fringe element on the right tends to, you know, ARM itself.  This Oklahoma City guy isn't the only one on the tip of the iceberg.  Why, just yesterday, it happened again – this time, in Okaloosa County, Florida.

On Sunday, lawmen still were investigating why Joshua Cartwright, a 28-year-old U.S. Army Reserve soldier with a history of violence, killed Okaloosa County sheriff's deputies Burt Lopez and Warren "Skip" York at a gun range in Crestview.

A few minutes after he killed the deputies, Cartwright was himself killed in a shootout with lawmen in DeFuniak Springs […]

An offense report filed against Cartwright the day he died outlines an angry husband who threatened his wife, kept guns and knives on hand, was "severely disturbed" that Barack Obama had been elected president, and believed the U.S. government was conspiring against him.

When you have guys with guns, and paranoia-feeders like Glenn Beck, this is what you have to expect.  And the DHS really does have to monitor this.