Obama’s Press Conference — Literally No Fireworks

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Media Matters:

Here's what the following media figures and outlets had to say about Obama's April 29 press conference:

  • During the April 29 edition of Fox News' Hannity, contributor Karl Rove said that the press conference "was boring," "flat" and "dull." He later stated: "There were a couple of very important moments in it — I don't deny that — but it was a boring, boring news conference."
  • During CNN's coverage of the press conference, contributor Ed Rollins stated: "I thought his opening statement was perfect. You know, what bothers me a little bit about it: As it goes on, it gets a little bit more boring. And, you know, you need to hold that attention span a good half-hour, a good 45 minutes. The answers are a little long. He doesn't know how to turn and pivot off of them. But nothing incorrect that I heard, it just — it gets a little boring."
  • On MSNBC's Hardball Late Night, host Chris Matthews asked political analyst Lawrence O'Donnell: "Why, Lawrence, are these press conferences that this guy holds so frighteningly boring?" He added: "Why does everybody act like they're in a sepulchre of some kind? They're so dutiful, it's boring beyond death."
  • During the April 30 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends, co-host Gretchen Carlson stated, "I suddenly woke up from nodding off" when Obama was asked by a New York Times reporter "what had 'enchanted' him."

The movie Network wonderfully lampooned the merging of the "news" division with the "entertainment" division of major television networks.  Sadly, I think many so-called "journalists" would look at Network now, and just not "get it".

Guess what?  These press conferences consist of the President of the United States talking about the recession, flu pandemics, and torture (among other things).  It's serious stuff for serious people.  It's not supposed to be "American Idol".  Idiots.