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Looks like my home state of New Hampshire might become the fifth state to recognize same-sex marriages.  Both houses have passed the bill, and I think the governor is going to sign it.

New Hampshire is a very strange breed politically.  On the one hand, it is very progressive — full of granola-eating environmentalists and new-agers (not unlike its western neighbor, Vermont).  On the other hand, it has become a haven for libertarians who rally around the whole "Live Free of Die" motto.  And although libertarians ought to be supporting gay marriage, the particular breed of libertarians in New Hampshire tends to be libertarian on gun and tax issues only — not so much on other issues of government intervention.  (The New York Times contradicts me on this point, I should note).

Anyway, it's not altogether surprising.  Maine is next, and it won't be long before New England (including New York) are all SSM-supporting.