My Headache

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For reasons surpassing explanation, I have a Twitter account.  I don't know why — I'm not a big Twitter fan.  But there it is.

When I created it several months ago, I realized there was a way to make my Twitter status automatically become my Facebook status.  So I rigged that.

Of course, it didn't make any difference, because I hardly ever updated my Twitter status. 

I do, however, update my Facebook status from time to time.

So last evening I thought, wouldn't it be great if my Facebook status can update my Twitter status?

So I scoured the Internet for a way to do that.  And there is a way — it's rather involved so I won't explain it (you can venture here if you are curious).  But I did it.

Unfortunately, I forgot that when I created my Twitter account, I had set it so that it updates Facebook.

So what's happening?  At periodic intervals, Twitter reads my Facebook status, and that becomes my Twitter status.  But THEN, Twitter automatically updates Facebook.  Then, at periodic intervals, Twitter reads my Facebook status, and so on, and so on….

Hence, I am caught in a loop.  And overnight, my Facebook status appeared over and over and over again (each time with the word "Ken" added to the front, so it's like "Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken finally saw the movie 'Music & Lyrics'….")

Anyway, I THINK I have fixed the problem.

And all the while, I'm wondering, who gives a shit what I am doing anyway?  I mean, *I* don't, and I'm me.