Metered Bandwidth Fail

Ken AshfordCorporate GreedLeave a Comment

A lot of people didn't know this, but Time Warner announced that it wanted to test the idea of metering bandwidth.

What does that mean?  Well, basically, the idea was to start charging more to Internet users who used more bandwidth.  If you access/download songs or video (like YouTube), you would end up paying more for Internet service.  It's what Time Warner called "consumption-based billing".

Where was Time Warner planning to test this idea?  Right here in North Carolina.  Here and New York.

I had heard about this and was not pleased.  Like many around here, I use Time Warner's Road Runner service for Internet access at home. 

But the people in New York went ballistic.  Representative Chuch Schumer got involved.

And the bottom line?  Bandwidth metering is dead in the water.  Read more.