I’m Not Sure How Much More Of This I Can Take

Ken AshfordRight Wing and Inept MediaLeave a Comment

Second perhaps to Rush Limbaugh is Glenn Beck, in terms of rightwing popularity.

That means he has millions of followers.  He gets serious Republican politicians and pundits on his show.

But isn't this just a tad too far?

I mean, putting a camera and microphone in front of this guy is just plain dangerous.

Do people at Fox News truly advocate this?  I mean, serious journallists?

For eight years, I heard all about BDS, an acronym for "Bush Derangement Syndrome".  it was meant to describe those who kept referring to Bush as "Bushitler" and so on.

And those people existed.  You found them in the comments section of various blogs, usually typing (with misspellings galore) in all capitals letters under some anonymous name.

But you never never saw the likes of Olbermann or Maddow or others in the "librul" media go to the insane lengths of hyperbole that you see in the clip above.  Stock footage of NAZIs?

Glenn Beck is, quite simply, crazy.  Either that, or he's just trying to get ratings.  Either way, he puts Rush Limbaugh AND Ann Coulter to shame.