Happy Teabag Day!

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I'll resist the urge of many of my liberal co-bloggers (as well as members of the librel drive-by media) to make snickering sexual references about the hissy-fit-a-thon being thrown across the country.  But I just wanted to remind you it is happening.

The gist of the rather nebulous complaints by these teabaggers is that the government taxes and spends too much, which is why these event are held on Tax Day.  None of these people, mind you, have concrete example about where they want to cut federal spending. 

Oh, sure, they'll tell you that the "pork" and "wasteful spending" needs to be cut out, and that's hard to disagree with.  Unfortunately, they would be hard-pressed to tell you what the pork actually is.  To cut federal spending as much as they want to, on the scale of ten to 40 percent, you would have to do a hell of a lot more than drop spending for bridges-to-nowhere.  You would have to gut major major programs.


What, exactly, would they propose to cut?

Obama, I thought, did well, to explain the need for federal spending.  It's buried in this clip for Olbermann last night.