Facts That Will Make You Feel Old

Ken AshfordRandom Musings2 Comments


  1. The film Back to the Future 2 is set five and a half years from now. (Where are the hoverboards?)
  2. The actors in The Breakfast Club are old:
    • Judd Nelson – 49
    • Molly Ringwald – 41 
    • Emilio Estevez – 46 
    • Anthony Michael Hall – 40
    • Ally Sheedy – 46 
    • … and if Paul Gleason, the teacher in charge, was still alive, he’d be 70 years old (he died in 2006)
  3. Kids who were born in 1992 can legally drive.
  4. Quantum Leap's first episode aired twenty years ago, and it was set in 1999.
  5. Ten years ago, we were all worried about Y2K.
  6. Lena Horne is 91; Ernest Borgnine (who recently appeared on the final episode of ER) is 92.  

UPDATE: These and much more like these at http://wannafeelold.tumblr.com/