Enough Is Enough

Ken AshfordCongress, Election 2008Leave a Comment

Six months after the November elections, we read this today:

This has to be a bit ironic: In the three-judge trial that Norm Coleman (R) asked for, it turns out that Al Franken's lead has grown, after the addition of some 350 absentee ballots to the count.

Coleman's camp, of course, wanted a larger number of absentee ballots to be considered than just those 350.

Here's the AP's write-up: "Democrat Al Franken's lead in Minnesota's U.S. Senate race has grown to 312 votes after hundreds of absentee ballots were added to the race. Franken led by 225 votes going into Tuesday's count of the absentees. He gained more from the 351 absentees that the judges allowed than Coleman did. Other issues are still pending in Coleman's lawsuit, and he has said he will appeal to the state Supreme Court if he loses."

Crafty lawyers can keep this "disputed" election tied up in courts for years.  But with every court challenge Coleman makes, he loses.  It's time that Minnesotans had representation in the Senate.  This silliness has gone on long enough.  Soon, a court is going to have to step in and put an end to this charade.