D.C. Teabag Event Poorly Planned

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This is almost sad:

In Washington, D.C., protesters had planned to dump a million tea bags in Lafayette Square and even promised to put the bags on the tarps and clean up afterward. But their plans were thwarted after National Park Service officials said protesters didn't have the proper permit to dump the bags, NBC affiliate WRC TV reported.

"We have a million tea bags here, and we don't have a place to put them because it's not on our permit," said Rebecca Wales, lead organizer of D.C. Tea Party.

A D.C. think tank, the free market Competitive Enterprise Institute, said it would allow the dumping of the tea bags in its 12th floor conference room instead.

So the plan to dump the teabags in the park failed, meaning the protesters would have to dump the million-plus teabags…. in a conference room?….. of one of the protest organizers?

Yes, that'll show….them.

And then, someone got this bright idea:

At the Lafayette Square protest, someone reportedly threw a box of tea bags over a White House fence, forcing the Secret Service to briefly evacuate the North Lawn area.

This also forced the Secret Service to clear the protesters away while a robot device was called in to inspect the "suspicious package".

Good move.

Well, at least the D.C. teaparty went on as planned.  Oh wait.  It didn't?

A second D.C. rally that had been planned outside the Treasury Department also was foiled by the lack of a permit.

Did the patriots at the original Boston Tea Party have these problems?