Binghamton Shootings

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Death toll up to 13, some reports say.  It's not even clear, as I write this, if the situation is over with.  Some reports say a man was arrested, some say two men were arrested, and still others say there is a hostage situation.  [UPDATE 2:45 pm — Now hearing it was a single gunman, and he is dead.]

It's too early — waaaay to early — to ascribe motive, but since the shooting took place at The American Civic Association — a business that helps immigrants and refugees with counseling, resettlement, citizenship, family reunification, interpreters and translators — it's a reasonable guess that the shooter was either a disgruntled immigrant, or a rightwinger with a bone to pick with immigrants. [UPDATE 4:00 pm — NBC and FOX are reporting the shooter, now dead, was a 42 year old Vietnamese immigrant named Jiverly Voong.  Apparently this was on his driver's license, which suggests he was a legal immigrant.]

Anyway, there seems to be a spate of these lately.  Disturbing….