And The Winner Goes To…

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Improv Everywhere.

For those unfamiliar with the group, they stage a lot of real-world improv "events".  Like going into a mall pretending to be average mall shoppers, splitting up, meeting in the food court, and then suddenly breaking into a musical to the amazement of real mallrats.

Yesterday, the improv group released the video of their latest improv which took place… at a funeral.  Their goal was to make it "the best funeral ever".  So they picked a random funeral from the obit listings, and simply showed up.  The video below shows a funeral service, with a handful of mourners.  Then, suddenly, a group of 30 or so show up graveside.

Oh, don't worry.  They were very respectful.  They didn't break out into song, but they did offer tissues and flowers.  Here's the Improv Everywhere "Best Funeral Ever" video:

Some people found this particular improv distasteful.  The local NY news, for example.  Of course, what they didn't know (but what seemed obvious to me) was that the whole funeral was staged and the video itself was an April Fool's Day prank.

Here's a local TV news station who fell for it:

Nice work, guys.

Here's a video of their recent "Human Mirror" improv:

All there videos are available on their YouTube channel.