An Open Letter To Miss California

Ken AshfordSex/Morality/Family Values2 Comments

Dear Miss Prejean:

You are entitled to your views.  However, you need to understand that those views are offensive to many people, including some of those people who made you what you are.

"Made you what you are".  I mean that literally.

Because it seems that you have benefitted from a gay man — the guy who gave you your boobs (if I am reading this article's innuendo correctly).  One wonders if you would have advanced up to runner-up had it not been for him.

That's right.  Your supporters like to harp, "she would’ve won if she hadn’t expressed her honest views”.  But it's no stretch at all to credit your achievement in the pageant, perhaps even your entry, to a gay man.  Without him, you may not have been able to express your honest views in the first place.

I think the only proper thing for you to do, since you don't believe in teh gay and all, is to give those boobs back.


The Seventh Sense