Why Michelle Malkin Should Never Be Listened To

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From her site:

The soul-fixer-in-chief is here to dry your tears

By Michelle Malkin  •  March 31, 2009 12:44 AM

Reuters is running a story on the Obama administration’s new federally subsidized counseling services/referrals for those suffering from depression related to the economy. As usual, the government’s prescription for pain is…more government. The economic psychology guide was developed with help from the Departments of Labor, HUD, Treasury, and GSA.

Let's unpack this, shall we?

1.  "Reuters is running a story on the Obama administration's new federally subsidized counseling services/referrals…."

Here's the Reuter's story that Malkin links to.

Is there anything in the story which suggest the counselling services/referrals are "new"?  Nope.  And why not?  Because Malkin, to put it charitably, made it up.

In fact, the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Administration has been around for quite some time.  And they have been making referrals and providing consumer information for quite some time as well, long before Obama came along.

And is this referral service "federally subsidized"?  Well, yes, I suppose.  The website, like all government (.gov) websites, is paid through taxpayer dollars.  Presumably the research and information done on this site was done with public dollars as well.

But again, this is nothing new.  This government agency is only doing what it is supposed to be doing pursuant to the rules and regulations…. not to mention executive orders signed by people like George W. Bush.

2.  "As usual, the government’s prescription for pain is…more government."

Uh, no.  Again, Malkin is pulling this out of her ass.  The SAMHA government website to which she links actually says something else:

Even with these coping techniques, however, sometimes these problems can seem overwhelming and you may need additional help to get through "rough patches." Fortunately, there are many people and services that can provide help. These include your:

  • Healthcare provider
  • Spiritual leader
  • School counselor
  • Community health clinic

So the prescription for pain includes private institutions, including religious ones, as well as a variety of public and private mental health centers.


While Malkin and Matt Drudge snicker and snark at the suggestion that tough economic times lead to emotional and mental difficulties, we all know otherwise.

Losing one's job is no joking matter and it does lead to suicide, murders, and other issues.  It's no laughing matter.  And certainly not a matter to be lied about in order to score cheap political points.