The Natives Are NOT Happy

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Readers comments at the local Winston-Salem newspaper:

  • Deflated I too am a devoted Wake fan but was so embarrassed last night. In fact, I need to go pull my 'Proud to be a Deacon' sign from my yard!! and maybe burn it? These kids are very talented and started their season GREAT. But lack of an outside shooter and bad coaching didn't sustain them. What a shame. But let's keep rolling and supportive. And don't count out our football team! Football hasn't even started yet! Sure, we lost a lot of key defensive players but there are more that will step up hopefully. See you in the stands! GO DEACS!
  • I'll admit – it got to a point I couldn't watch the game. All I could do was check back periodically to check the score – and that game was a heartbreak, and our guys just didn't look like they wanted it as bad. But could you all possibly crucify Gaudio any worse??? Yeah, he's a good guy – he's also a good coach. Nothing beats the "Monday morning quarterbacking" that's been a constant against Dino and our players since our 16-game win streak came to an end. Besides, how many of you were considered for the job before Dino was chosen to take Skip's place??
  • Dino desperately trying to get the team to listen with 1 minute left said it all. That was a sad scene and it looked like a first year rec league guy trying to pull the Bad News Bears together. After zero game plan adherence against Maryland, they decided to "free-style" again. Dino's a really nice guy, but he can't handle these kids. Skip used to bring in Mike Drum and sit Strickland to deal with discipline. That didn't work either, but Dino just doesn't enforce ANYTHING. The sad fact is that we haven't actually played with discipline since Odom left. I've had the same take all year in my comments around the web, but I actually thought our talent could carry us a bit. The ironic thing is that these teams this decade are the antithesis of the University. Wake is a grind and demands utter discipline from every student; our basketball teams lately make a mockery of that reputation. I am a seriously devoted Wake fan, but I finally have to admit that I don't like this team.
  • Just a complete embarrassment tonight for Wake fans and the ACC. The turnover saga continued as it appears a lack of coaching that should have made the statement that Aminu and Johnson are NOT dribbling guards!!!. I'm married to a UNC grad which always delivers to me more hope of a winning team. But hey, we even beat them in the early season. WHAT HAPPENED?
  • This is what happens when a group of good players with coaching play a group of great players without coaching. Dino seems like a good guy who is in over his head. VCU has a fine young head coach who gets everyting possible out of his players and would be a great fit. His teams have never been an embarassment like last night. Time to turn the page.