It’s Just A TV Show

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The New York Times does a story on people who build replicas of Captain Kirk's command chair from the Enterprise to go into their living rooms.


Um.  I guess it makes a good conversation piece for a couple of months, but then what?  It's just this weird chair that's…. there.  Now, if I was this guy's wife (yes, he's married), and I walked into the room and he was sitting there like that, my eyes would never stop rolling.  "Uh, Captain," I would say in a tone dripping with sarcasm, "Have you taken out the trash?  And please don't leave your socks on the bedroom floor."

I suspect that most Kirk wannabes end up having their chair relegated to the basement.  Like this guy, whose wife threatened divorce if he displayed it in the living room:


Of course, this is even odder, in its own way.  "Honey, I'm going down to the basement to sit in 'the chair'.  Call me when dinner's ready."