Zombies Ahead!

Ken AshfordRandom MusingsLeave a Comment

The media is blaming hackers for the outbreak in recent days of electronic road signs warning of zombies.  This, for example, appeared near Austin, Texas.


More road signs showed up earlier this week in Indiana, warning of raptors.


This all comes about from a post at i-hacked.com about how to hack the signs (NOTE: Don't do it!).  The signs are password-protected, but few road crews bother to change the default password that comes with these signs.

I don't agree with those who claim that the hacked road signs present a potential danger or hazard to motor vehicles.  It seems to me that cars are more likely to slow down by the odd sign than otherwise.

On the other hand, I suppose there is a "cry wolf" risk to these pranks.  I mean, will people believe these road signs in the future when there actually are zombies or raptors blocking the road ahead?