Thoughts I Had Or Heard While Serving In Iraq

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By Steven A. Devine:

Wow, it's really hot here.

Wow, those guys look really mad.

Wow, I don't want to know where he was hiding that rocket.

Now, that looks really painful.

That is really painful.

Wait, define "infection."

Merry Christmas.

Wow, it's really cold.

Wow, that guy looks really angry.

That spider was really fast.

Wait, define "amputate."

When I get home, I'm going to kill my recruiter.

Do they really call this food?

Adventure, women, booze, parties, and I end up here; I really am going to kill my recruiter.

What about that goat? No wonder he looks mad.

Finally, we're leaving.

Wait, define "held over."

Define "six more months."

I'm going to kill that recruiter.